Institute for the Study of Human Rights, Columbia University

The Institute for the Study of Human Rights works to provide an excellent human rights education to Columbia students, foster innovative interdisciplinary academic research, and offer its expertise in capacity building to human rights leaders, organizations, and universities around the world. Valuable resources students may find useful include relevant news updates, special events, publications, a live bibliography, and course listings.

Human Rights Institute, Columbia Law School

The Human Rights Institute serves as the focal point of international human rights education, scholarship and practice at Columbia Law School. The Institute currently focuses on a number of key themes, and, throughout the year, hosts a wide array of symposia, lectures, and other events to bring practitioners and scholars together.

Center for Human Rights Documentation & Research

The Center for Human Rights Documentation and Research is an invaluable resource for any research project. In addition to being the official designated repository for the archives of major Human Rights organizations such as Amnesty International USA, the Committee of Concerned Scientists, Human Rights First, and Human Rights Watch, they also hold their own collection of primary and secondary resources. Also on their website is a list of research guides and links to specialized search engines.

Internship Opportunities

Human Rights maintains a list of resources for students to find internships with various organizations. For more information regarding Human Rights internship opportunities for Barnard Students, including sources of funding, contact the Office of Career Development.

Study Abroad

To see a list of approved study abroad programs, go to the Barnard Study Abroad website. Other study abroad opportunities are available as well. Non-approved study abroad programs can be submitted for approval after the student returns.