The Peter Juviler and Dennis Dalton Human Rights Fellowship Fund

The Peter Juviler and Dennis Dalton Human Rights Fellowship Fund
Deadline: February 22, 2019


The Peter Juviler and Dennis Dalton Human Rights Fellowship Fund supports summer research and internships for students studying human rights, social justice, and peace studies. Two students who would not otherwise have the funds to do summer research will be awarded $2,500 each. This fund is open to all students and cannot be combined with any other Barnard College grants. To apply, you must submit a proposal, budget, a letter of support from a Barnard or Columbia faculty member, and a letter of support from an affiliate organization by February 22, 2019. Email attachments to Melisa Adiram ( or deliver hard copies to the Dean of Studies Office, Milbank 105. Below are guidelines for the application:


The Proposal (two pages maximum, double spaced, one-inch margins): A narrative description of the research project and how the funds will contribute to its success. Questions to consider:


  1. Where do you intend to go?
  2. What will you do there and how long will you need to stay?
  3. Have you made contact with any on-site individuals or institutions whose cooperation will be critical to your research? If yes, provide details.
  4. How has your research grown out of your academic pursuits?


Letter of Recommendation: The faculty letter of support should be written by a person familiar with your project and should address both the importance of this project and your qualifications.


Proposed Budget: A one-page detailed budget, preferably in chart form. Provide details regarding expenses including transportation, daily living costs such as lodging and food, and other fees or costs associated with your project.


A letter of support from an affiliate organization: The affiliate letter should be written by a person who you will work closely with and has an understanding of how you will engage with the organization.

If your project involves human subjects, please go to, click on the “Student as PI Worksheet” link, and submit the completed form with your proposal. Proposals will be reviewed and assessed by the Faculty Committee on Honors at our February 2019 meeting. Bear in mind that although some members of the Committee may be experts in your field, most will not be; it will be wise to tailor your proposal accordingly. Please direct any questions to Dr. J. Paul Martin of Human Rights Studies ( or to Dean Christina Kuan Tsu (